Training Phases

We have broken the time between now and the record attempts into 4 training phases. This timeline is a guide and can be adjusted to accommodate each flyer’s needs.

Phase 1: Basic Training

  • May - December 2019

  • Personal Training, Small Warmup Camps (6-20 ways), Tunnel Training

  • During this phase, Regional Captains will help train the newer talent by organizing small training opportunities.

  • Flyers will be training big way skills in a small and controlled environment. 

  • Long dives, long floats, flying through burbles, flying good head levels, presenting grips, flying with minimal unnecessary movement and safely executing break-offs will some of the skills trained during this phase.

  • There will be lots of training opportunities all over the world during phase 1 training.

Here is a link to the list of the Phase 1 training opportunities currently on the schedule. There are dozens more training events in the works. We will keep this list updated as event information comes in.

Phase 2: Advanced Training

Screen Shot 2019-04-10 at 5.42.25 AM.png
  • October 2019 - January 2020

  • 20-40 way camps

  • Flyers will take the skills they practiced during phase 1 and apply them in a larger group.

  • During this phase flyers will gain experience seeing more bodies in the sky and doing multiple plane formation loads.

  • All the skills learned in phase 1 will continue to be practiced in phase 2, as well as skills related to bigger groups like clean approaches, staying calm when needed, being more aggressive when needed, breaking off with lots of people around you and in general performing well in a slightly more intense environment.

  • Camps in Europe and the USA will be run by the Project 19 Organizing Team.

Phase 3: Selection (Tryouts)

  • January - May 2020

  • 20-60 ways

  • During this training phase, we will be selecting the 100-way record team and 20-way support (bench) team.

  • Flyers will continue to train vertical big way flying skills needed to successfully execute a world record.

  • Selection Camps will be in Europe and the USA.  They will be run by the Project 19 Organizing Team.

Final Phase: World Record

  • July 3-12, 2020

  • Build a new 100-way Women's Vertical Record with the Project 19 Team.

  • Skydive Chicago